Thursday, April 10, 2008

Who's gonna win.. A rooster ..or a basketball?

I was outside just dribbling my basketball on my patio.When all of a sudden 1 of my 2 roosters named Roosty came and attacked my Basketball.His hackles went up and he jumped on my basket ball and stood and pecked it !If I went to go retrieve it, He would attack me and chase me instead.
Then I decided just to chase him to the coop and put him inside and then go get my Basketball.
The next day i was just hopping from brick to brick on my patio again.Roosty(with his new super vision) Came and ran all the way to where I was Chasing me away from the patio.And I'm telling you! The Coop is a long ways from the house!I was never chased before those two incidents in my life!I was so freaked out!I ran all the way to Montana!(Or at least the other side of my house...)
He's a really big Rhode island red rooster too!!!the next day..Her comes the basket ball..smelling like revenge.. 2 mm away from Roosty.It freaked him out so bad he flew to the coop!!
(this part is a little made up... ->) I smiled and turned around, There was Hens and hens staring at me.they attacked without mercy and I yelped Oh My.. and before I even got to say my last word I was finished. JUST KIDDING! I'm still writing this!!


I'm home schooled. and many people pronounce my name wrong. It is pronounced (Anna- lee-a).We have Chickens.Brown egg layers.We also have well...racist chickens.Or at least racist chicks. We have 8 chicks.6 are brown. 2 are yellow.The 6 brown chicks pecked the yellow ones 'till they bled preeettyy bad. The brown ones do not peck at each other though.The yellow ones do not peck at each other either.Its only..brown on yellow. Does any one have a solution to this?
We separated the chicks and put tea tree oil on the wounds.